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We can assist with:

driveways, paths, car parks
maintenance and repairs
footpath & driveway crossings

repairs after drainage or cabling work
pothole repairs
residential and commercial

trenches, large or small
cutting asphalt
overlaying asphalt

About Small Hole Sealers

We specialise in repairing and laying asphalt (tarseal) to footpaths, driveways, car parks and roadways. Operating in Christchurch since 1997, we have extensive experience in all aspects of asphalt resealing work

Asphalt repair services

We can repair and replace asphalt any where you need it.

Quality service

High quality work for high-use and prominent sites.

Comms installs

Experienced & reliable resealing around coms and cable installs

Trench resealing

Including installations & repairs for cabling and drainage.